Bug detected in "Position"/"Used fixed position"


On current 2.2.17 firmware (on a wisblock 19007/4631 device), i discovered the following bug on GPS functionning:

-Objective : to set a fixed GPS position in the position menu of the android app
-Expected results : the device should keep the configured fixed latitude and longitude
-Observed bug : the “fixed position” is updated somehow (by the android app ?) with GPS coordinates obtained from the smartphone when the option “Provide phone location to mesh” is enabled.

Why is this a problem ? this option “Provide phone location to mesh” is configured for all devices and not per device. So when connecting on different deice from the same smartphone meshtastic app, all of the devices that are supposedly configured with “fixed GPS position” are modified with the phone GPS coordinates.

So there is a “priority” conflict in the meshtastic android app between these two parameters that erase/conflict with each other.


Yes I noticed this too. Same across all my devices of various sorts. Frustrating when swapping between devices. One of mine is on wifi via vpn and has a fixed position, another via bluetooth … I want the phone to share with the local device and have it set to GPS even though it doesn’t have one. I don’t want it to update the fixed position - which then fixes at that location when I disconnect.

Realized the same problem yesterday, I was thinking I did something wrong. My stationary(fixed gps) home node updates its location when I’m connected to it with provide phone loc. On.

Fixed position is just the last position the node has, if you send it a new position it will update.

and you can manually edit the position after it was given to the node. it will keep that, until it gets a new position. Just keep " give position" disabled in your app.

I disabled gps on my t-beam and my lora32’s don’t have their own gps. So provide phone location is always on. I think a fixed position(set by the user) should have a priority over phone provided one.
or a choice would be nice.

If I had the capability I would try this myself but for now I can only complain, hoping someone with better capabilities adds this :slight_smile:

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This is the whole issue as explained in initial post. indeed, we use the same smartphone to connect to different nodes, some with a fixed position, some taking their position from the smartphone 's gps.
At minimum the workaround to implement would be to be able to set the smartphone 's position on or off per node, instead of per smartphone


I was going to start a new topic when I saw this thread.

I agree with the original poster. FIXED Position should remain a fixed position.

Using the Android app and firmware version on my three Heltec V3 nodes:

  1. Checkmark “Provide phone location to mesh”.
  2. Turn ON Fixed Position.
  3. Enter a LAT/LON.
  4. Save.

The app/firmware ignores the fixed location entered in step #3 above and replaces it with the phone’s location. This should not happen if the Use FIXED position setting is turned on.

We should be able to leave “Provide phone location to mesh” turned on so that our mobile nodes will update their positions when we connect to them, and our fixed nodes will remain with their fixed LAT/LON intact. Currently, if “Provide phone location to mesh” is enabled and we connect to any of our nodes, their position is updated. Either that, or make “Provide phone location to mesh” a “per node” setting.

  1. Remove checkmark from “Provide phone location to mesh”.
  2. Enter a LAT/LON (EG. LAT: 33.56, LON: Anything)
  3. Save.
  4. Check position again. LAT is no longer 33.56 but 33 and 15 decimal places.

I’m assuming these are firmware bugs, rather than application bugs.

Fixed position is the last position sent to the device, if you send a position from your phone after you send a position from the CLI the phone position will win.

Yes, we understand what it is doing. What we’re saying is that what it is currently doing is both:

a) Misleading - FIXED should mean the position FIXED; unable to be changed without the user physically entering a new value, and
b) Not what the users want it to do.

Node users have both mobile and stationary (fixed) nodes. If you forget to turn off “Provide phone location to mesh” before connecting to a fixed node, it’ll be giving the wrong position and you won’t know. Similarly, if you forget to turn it on, you mobile nodes will never follow your position.

A fixed position that updates itself, or a mobile position that doesn’t. What is the benefit of having it the way it currently is? It’s a genuine question.

Maybe change it to say “Last position”, rather than “Fixed Position” and keep it’s current operation… and then give us a real Fixed Position option? Or make “Provide phone location to mesh” a sticky setting for each individual node?

Fixed position is a pretty basic feature, if it has a position (the device stores one position) the device broadcasts it on the position broadcast interval, that is it. Multiple devices connected to a single phone is not really supported.

In that case the app should not allow to pair multiple devices …
Either way it is not what users expect and request.
Why brush away this request aside? I don’t understand the negative reaction


The messaging user is connected to the node.

That’s not the case. It stores a location unless the node is connected to a device which updates it from the device’s GPS. I guess what we’re asking is for this feature to be even simpler than you’re suggesting it is. If the position is set to FIXED, don’t update it - ever… unless it’s done manually from the app/command line user interface. That’s what “Fixed position” means: “Position is fixed and unchanging”.

…And yet it is!

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Multiple devices connected to a single phone is not supported, on iOS the database is deleted when you switch, on android the data gets blended together, either way not a supported feature, user is tied to the node.

if multiple nodes in one app it is not supported, then you have another functional bug by the fact the app allows to pair mutliple nodes. If this is not a bug, then you have a bug about the fixed postion not being fixed.
Either way there is a bug to correct.

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Yeah, like you said, “Why brush away this request aside? I don’t understand the negative reaction.”

FIXED position means the position is fixed. That’s all we’re asking for. Make it FIXED.

Saying “It’s fixed until it gets automatically updated” is not FIXED!
That’s what happens when the GPS is enabled or when the phone’s position is sent to it.

We are asking for FIXED position to mean it does NOT get updated - except through the configuration setting in the app, or by the command line.

Having it the way it is now is totally pointless.

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Please don’t fix the “bug” of being able to connect to multiple devices in sequence in the app. It’s a feature.

Do fix the bug of fixed position not actually being a fixed position.

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its just the way it was programmed.
and its a good way of quickly updating the position of fixed nodes…
better than having to manually type in gps data !
thats the way it was meant to be…
you have a node without gps: you want to place it somewhere .
give it the actual real position by app and let it be placed there. so you can find it later :slight_smile:

if you dont want position update, turn it off in app :slight_smile:

if you want to programm “fake positions” you can still type in the gps data manually.

and also it is very important that the app can connect to different nodes by ble
if i imagine i would have to get one android device for each t-beam and rak devece i own… …

Call it not a bug or a bug is not important. What important is to have a coherent behaviour, in line with users expectations and in line with observed field usage vs “how IT guys deciding how it should be programmed”.