Broadcast of Mesh resources to all nodes

It seems that we are moving to having nodes with distinct resources on the mesh in the future such as Routers and Internet connections. I could see other resources being added in the future such as undelivered message storage server, name server, map server.

Is there a way to broadcast these services to the mesh. Say I have a message that needs to get to the internet and my connection goes down. It would be nice to be able to route my packet to another mesh device for delivery to the internet.

Or say my node is offline for a day and I come back on and ask for my missed messages… If we have nodes with access to the internet it would be trivial to have a message storage setup somewhere with a reasonable timeout for undelivered message life that could serve up those messages…

While the protocol is young and developing it would be nice to think about what could be the future and plan for such eventualities.

Thoughts comments?



Ideally I would have this message log as a resource within the network, not dependent on the internet. It is good to have the option to talk to internet for extending existing infrastructure, but most important (to me :wink:) is that it works when you don’t have internet access.