Bluetooth pairing - catch 22

Using TTGO T-beam with Huawei P20 Android, firmware-tbeam-EU865-0.7.9 (0.7.8 behaves the same), I am unable to pair: Android settings states “go to this device’s app to pair with it” but Meshtastic app states “Please pair device in Android settings”. A sort of s/w buck passing . .
I have two TTGO’s, neither will pair.
I have tried purging & re-installing the Android app, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks


When you click to pair in meshtastic, we just send the message to android “start pairing flow with device X”. That should prompt you (see the notifications menu if a dialog didn’t come up on your version of android?) to "do you want to pair with X? When you click yes, the device will show a six digit code and the phone will ask you to enter that code.

If you want to leave meshastic out of this flow, go to “android settings / bluetooth / pair new device” and you should see the device listed. Click on it and the device will show the 6 digit code and you’ll be asked to confirm on your phone.

Where did you find the bluetooth pairing code? I RTFM, but can’t find it. Obviously I’m missing something the rest of you found easily. Where is it documented?

It appears on the T-beam´s OLED display when you try to pair.
Bluetooth seems to be a bit flakey at the moment; If the BT connection is lost, I unpair & switch bluetooth off before switching on again & retrying pairing. It usually works, eventually, although several retries may be required.

Forgot to mention, shutdown & re-start the Meshtastic app too.

Great! Thanks for responding.
It seems the optional OLED isn’t so optional after all.

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Follow step 10 here.

You can then view the pairing code when you attempt to pair from a phone under the heading OnPassKey. Certainly easier with a screen but can be done.