Auto switch from WiFi to Bluetooth

A question for the programmers would it not make sense for the nodes to automatically switch to Bluetooth if the WiFi connection is lost ? In order to be able to access the node in this case


This is a nice idea, but I think it needs to be sketched out a little bit more.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a T-Beam connected via Wi-Fi to your AP.
  • The T-Beam and your AP is operating properly.
  • You microwave some popcorn in the kitchen
  • This interferes with the T-Beam’s communication with your AP briefly.
  • Once your microwave is done with the popcorn, Wi-Fi communication can resume unimpeded.

The current behavior of the T-Beam would automatically recover from intermittent interference. The new behavior would put the T-Beam into BLE-mode and would not automatically recover.