Attn alpha tester with a OnePlus3T, Galaxy J7 Neo, Moto E (4) Plus or an A5 Pro

Thanks for the report wrt your failed firmware OTA update. I’ve fixed this problem to be non fatal (so the update will now proceed successfully with the android 1.1.36 I’m about to release). But the root cause is important:

It means that something is mis-partitioned wrt your “spiffs partition” on your device. Alas, we can’t fix this with the android app. You’ll need to run the “” script included with the device firmware bins. Probably what happened is you originally installed the bin some other way and that way left the (incorrectly sized) spiffs partition in the device.

Until recently we only used a little of this partition (to store preferences). But now with the new webserver blob, we install a lot there.

(If anyone is curious and/or can be lured into trying android development to help progress the project :slight_smile: here’s the diff:


I’m happy to report it has worked on my Samsung S7 updating a T-Beam and a LoRa32!

Oh yes, that makes sense! I’ve only used on the Rasperry connected to my fixed node, while I’ve updated all other boards with ESPHome Flasher. Only those that came with Meshtastic 1.0 pre-loaded were updated from the app, probably because they were partitioned correctly from the beginning.

Now I understand why I couldn’t flash the SPIFFS…

Is there a way to re-partition a device other than using a Linux machine?

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I confirm that it has worked on my OnePlus 3T.

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Is there a way to re-partition a device other than using a Linux machine?

Almost certainly. take a look at (included in the distribution bin zips). It just uses esptool for all operations. I bet you could run the same operations using esptool on Windows (it is just a python script) and it would do the right thing.

And no pressure, but if you do find the four command lines work and can use that info to make a (super bare - doesn’t need to be as fancy as device-install.bat and can check that in to /bin we’d then be able to include it for others.

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You’re right, it worked!

Alas, I’m not familiar with Windows scripting, so I don’t know how to automagically find Python directories etc., but I’ll try to find someone who can.

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