Anyone interest in handheld hardware device?

I think it’s best if a representative from their company makes a thread here where they gather suggestions and ask questions to understand the community’s needs.

Yes they know, my first email in december pointed to this forum :slight_smile:
I leave this topic, when news i come back

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You could also point out that according to @sexycyborg AGM

May make a rugged Android phone with LoRa & Meshtastic built-in if enough people from the forum contact them, it might give your company an incentive to be first to market

I am not a company 73’s

Sure, I should have written ‘the company you are in contact with’

Sam, what i did last 45 years, is bringing groups of people and ideas together. I fully understand you are saying i love the way you bring it forward typical english humor and we dutch know how to handle that perfectly.
If you are interested to make your own ideas in to a product, i be happy to point out the direction. First you go to Alibaba or other Chinees business website, search for: “manufacturer for 868 radio or lora radio”. After the search completed you contact the companys you found by using email or skype and share some ideas with there sales or development department. On they end the company give you a minimum MQT before the company able start production. You go to your bank to ask them for money or perhaps the Chinees company accepting bitcoin. Now you are on the way to start your own new business model. If you are young and have a life in front of you, go for it because this may a change you only get ones in your life time. My advice its free of any charge i be your first customer who will buy your product in about 6 - 8 months from now?

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I was earning a bit from Disaster Radio sales until Meshtastic came along and was better than us.

(Disclosure that’s an affiliate link, for humor)

WO2 we got some of these lamps using a swing to light up a bicycle lamp,

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Nice lamp :slight_smile:

I agree the off-grid walkie-talkie/LoRa would be a nice product.

I think the phone is likely to get more user adoption & I’m more excited about it personally, but it’s a different device, with a different use case.

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Agree, a phone with LORA be very nice but i dont like google or Apple peeking in to my contact list or tracking using my wifi footprint. Get young and elderly a simple off the grid communication device without cost and if someone else pick it up, that be great i buy it instantly.


I assume we’d get /e-os/ running on that Chinese smartphone. But, yes a mobile carrier will still track you if you connect to their network.

Very interested - particularly if it’s Lorawan-first texting device that can easily run meshtastic. Rugged/long-batter-life would be great.

MediaTek MT7620A
Semtech SX1308
868 MHz / 915 MHz
128 MB DDR2
SMA female
OpenWrt if needed
Optional: 10/100 Mbps

The android app uses google location services so an AOSP based distribution would need some work done.


Would this handheld device need voice, or just text/map/location capabilities?

The actual idea is both, where text have the priority for wide range of users
1e text messaging service over LORA using meshtastic APP and FW
2e voice analogue or digital FCC - CEPT (as optional for short range PMR use)

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If it’s decent quality I’d be in for at least 4 devices.

I would be interested in several such devices.

I am interested - especially if voice is available in 139-144 MHz in addition to colour screen with map and ability to see other nodes, and the ability to send messages. Not quite sure if this is envisaged, but if yes, I’d get 4-5 units at that pricepoint.
Ideally rugged, IPX7 device.

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