Antenna for dual use

Hello, first post here and looking for some clarification as I am an extreme amateur when it comes to radio’s and antennas. I have started building some mobile units and was wanting to make a Base station at my house but I am also hosting a Helium Miner with a 6ft 8dbi antenna about 50ft up with great views of the valleys around me. The miner is a 915mhz LoRa device and after reading through the forums it seems 2 antennas on my not so large property would cause interference. If/since that is the case is it possible and can I run a splitter from the antenna and have both of them use the single antenna?

sharing an antenna would be much more complicated than just adding a splitter, and there is no easy/simple way to prevent interference if multiple radios operate on the same frequency.

This would require a multiplexer, and I can guarantee it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Running multiple devices won’t really cause interference. The 915 band is fairly wide and many devices can use it. Lora also allows the use of the exact same frequency across multiple devices as long as the spreading factor is different, further allowing more users on a given frequency.

Thank you, for the input, ill do some experimenting and see how it works, if nothing else removing the one when the other is being use in the worst case scenario.