Android disconnects

Hi from the UK and first thanks for this project I think it could be super interesting and a great alternative to GoTenna etc.

I have the latest android app and build on a heltec board (it was the Bsides Leeds security conference badge last year!)

I can connect on a cold boot and send messages (no one close enough to receive yet). BUT… after a few minutes the app reports no connected to radio and I cannot reconnect without killing the app and more annoyingly having to reboot the LoRa device.

Now, what I want to know is can I help resolve any of this? Are there any error logs or debugging I can collect? My coding foo is pretty poor but I’ve played with embedded hardware for years and SDR radio is a hobby so relatively technical.

Should I report bugs via the GitHub repository?

Again thanks for such an interesting project and hope I can contribute in some way.


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Hi Greg,

I bet almost certainly the problem you describe is:

It should be fixed sometime in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the report!

re: github bugs
yes, that’s ideal.

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Thanks for the reply, just seen the commit log… you are obviously busy! Would love to help if I can, do you have all the hardware you need for testing etc?

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I’m a little short on tbeams, but supposedly the factory will be shipping my next box ‘real soon now ;-)’. Otherwise any help would be appreciated with coding, writing docs, youtubes on setup instructions, testing range of various boards (I was recently told the Heltec devices are apparently not nearly as good as the TTGO devices from a RF quality standpoint? @sensorsiot).

@jeksys might be starting on an iOS app soon.