Android app users! You might want to remove yourself **now** from the 'beta' test group

Hi ya’ll,

Next week I’ll be pushing out a new alpha of the android app. This release will go with the (also alpha) 1.2 device code. The first few releases of these alpha tests have a higher chance than usual of having problems - also they will require all nodes in the mesh to be running 1.2 or later.

So if you care about reliability you should remove yourself from from the (poorly named) “beta” channel on the Play store. It will probably be a few weeks before 1.2 is solid enough to become the new general release. At first we’ll probably want only a few noble/willing victims to try it and confirm it is still working for them.

(Also if you are happy with this project this is a good time to put in a review with google. Because reviews for ‘beta’ vs ‘general’ are separate. If you are unhappy with the project, please start a thread here :wink: .