Android app 1.2.22 crash when switching tab after BLE pairing

I have recurrent crashes when switching quickly to another tab just after BLE pairing.
Waiting for 5-10 secs before switching tab is preventing the crash.
I have sent a crash report and documented the crash on github.

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Thanks! I’ll look into this soon.

btw: what’s your phone model (so I can find the report)?

FWIW, my Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 both see this behaviour. If I wait a while after pairing before moving to a new tab, it is fine. If I immediately move to a new tab after pairing, the app crashes.

Seen it here too. Need more characters for valid post.

I would also add to the crash report.

Device: Nexus 6P
System: Android 8.1
App version: =< 1.2.22

Occasional crashes when switching tabs in the app. A prompt to choose to wait or close the app appears.

Only ever crashed once in another Android 11 device.

It will be shown as a Oneplus 3 or 3t.

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I have it on 1.2.28 too.

Oneplus 5 android 10 & oneplus 7 pro Android 11 (both of them)