Alternative Flash script to fix flashing failures

I was having trouble flashing a T-Beam 1.1 I had just gotten and after a little experimentation I found a fix. I edited a copy of the original script and named it and I keep it in my firmware folder with the other tools. One error it overcame was a constant failure to erase the old firmware before programming the new.

You can find the script at Alternate Meshtastic flash script -

Just copy the pastebin content and paste it into a text file called and save it. Give it executable permissions and you’re good to go. Use it with the exact same format and options as Obviously this is Linux only.

As usual, no warranty, try at your own risk. That said there should be no real risk here as all I did was remove the forced high speed serial setting. This script is otherwise identical to the original, just slower.

What issue are you having? What did you change? A pull request would be a better approach, we really don’t want users executing random scripts from pastebin

I had written a GUI a while back but wasnt keeping it up. to date, I decided to take the firmware Utility I wrote and make it an app

it will install with python3 -m pip install meshflash

it requires sudo on linux

sudo python3 -m meshflash

This utility will allow you to download firmware including Mc Hamster’s nightly builds for the daring!

You can backup your radio and restore it as well and the code is of course on github for review

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Cool! Thanks for sharing, I’ll give it a look-see.

I fixed the download issue.

MeshFlash now has link to firmware 1.2.50

python3 -m pip install MeshFlash

python3 -m MeshFlash

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new update there is even a working exe now that you can download, no need to install anything to flash your radio