Adding non-Meshtastic waypoints to the map

I believe that it would be valuable to provide a way to add static waypoints to the common meshtastic map.

Hiking: Campsite, Ranger station, Water, Bathroom, Trail head, Vista, Parking
Group Event: Hotel, Meeting location, Bar, Emergency services, Bus stop
Emergencies Shelter, Water, Bathroom, Needs rescue, Road blocked, Danger
Farming: Pasture boundaries, Water, Needs maintenance, Barn
Hunting: Tree stand, Trail head, Game land boundary, Salt lick
Racing Event: Buoy location, Course turn, Course boundary
Business: Main office, Branch office, Factory, Warehouse, Customer location
Geocaching Event: Geocache location, Pick-nick area, Bathrooms, Parking

Imagine hiking and coming across an amazing location and being able to share it with your friends or posting a dangerous or blocked road during an emergency.

ICONS: - map specific


It would be great to be avle to import existing positions and waypoints, possibly icons AS well.
Iā€™d add some animal and hunting related Icons to the list

This is the kind of thing that might be best handled by other apps, using Meshtastic as a communications layer. ATAK, for example, is a geospatial collaboration tool developed by the US government for emergency responder and military use that has recently been open sourced, and there are currently efforts underway to get it working with Meshtastic/LoRa/Gotenna Mesh(Non Pro)/APRS/etc.