Add WIP support for BETAFPV ELRS Micro TX Module 2.4G (500/1000 mw) with ESP32 CPU

ESP32 8MB Flash 2.4 Ghz LoRa 0.96" OLED

Initial support for BETAFPV ELRS Micro TX Module 2.4G with ESP32 CPU


2.4G SX128X Radio
5D-Joystick button

Known Issues

  • Display needs to be rotated after startup
meshtastic --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --set display.flip_screen true
  • Has RGB LED_WS2812 which is not a standard LED

Support has been merged in the develop branch

To flash firmware you will need to adjust jumpers back of device

1 and 2 ON - Enable Flash firmware via USB


Here are some ExpressLRS(firmware) temperature pictures when using the device

Does this hardware use the same esp32 chip that is in the heltec v1 and 2 that we dropped support for? That is going to be an issue.

This is based on the ESP32-D0WDQ6 (8mb flash) - not recommended for new designs anymore

RAK11200 has a ESP32-D0WDQ6 under the metal lid

ESP32-WROVER contains the same ESP32-D0WDQ6

Page 12

ExpressELRS hardware is based on either STM32/ESP32/ESP8285, they dont have any ESP32 S3 devices yet

The 11200 is not working well either so that may be the problem there, that would be too bad.

The Heltec boards specifically have design issues stared for v1 and v2 on Meshtastic docs

What currently is the known issues ?

They run really really hot, can’t generate a UInt32 that does not overflow and reboot randomly are the ones I know of. They are really unpredictable compared to all the other ESP32 boards.

I know recently of wifi issues also.

I guess these issues will require more debugging

A lot of the wifi issues seem to be general esp32 issues for chips that don’t have N support

Cool! Looks like a very powerful and affordable device, bar the ESP32-issues.
Would the support be limited to the 2.4Ghz version? I noticed there are 915 & 868 Mhz versions at 500mW as well.

Not at all, requires changes to support the other ELRS devices

I just do not have the 868/915 version myself

Here is an outstanding PR for the Happymodel ES900TX board

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