I have two T-LORA boards from BangGood with a T-BEAM on the way from .CN.
Unlike the T-BEAM the T-LORAs do not have a built-in GPS. Are there specific
GPIO pins to which I could tie a GP-20U7 from SparkFun (which runs off 3v) and
have it be automagically recognized? Or would I have to tweak the software for
the T-LORA and rebuild?

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yes - if you hook up to the correct GPIO the GIOS should ‘just work’ with the standard tloara binary files. We probe for the GPS at startup. Hooking up GPS_TX is required, GPS_RX is optional (but recommended):

#define GPS_RX_PIN 36
#define GPS_TX_PIN 13 // per @eugene

Finally got my batteries for the T-LORA boards so I was able to go outside with it
and the attached GPS. The GPS doesn’t work at all inside of my little Faraday
cage that I call my apartment. :-\

I wasn’t quite sure, from what you wrote, which was the actual input on the T-LORA
board but tried both ways. The GPS appears to be working fine with its output wire
going to the T-LORA’s pin 36.

The version of Meshtastic I’m using on the T-LORA boards is 1.2.43.

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