Ability to cycle through displays in reverse order

I might have a use case for a means to cycle through the various “pages” displayed on the device in reverse order: when the number of devices in mesh is above 2 or 3, in order to check a device own status (battery level, position, etc.) I need to press the flip page button many, many times.

Would it be possible to implement a double-press to cycle backwards? Or implement an additional button to quickly check vital parameters of the devices?



Or would this be a more useful feature to have in the phone app? i.e. a current list of all the nodes and their parameters (I think the node database data is present on the phone app today).

We will always be constrained by the small display and limited buttons on the device, whereas the phone allows many ways to show device data, (tables, list, maps, …) with colours, highlights for issues/warnings etc.



Eventually (especially as devices that come out with more buttons), we’ll need to add a real mini display manager. With the concept of ‘menus’ and going up/down/left/right.

btw: that we don’t yet have this feature is the main reason we still require that the initial firmware flashed be ‘region specific’. The actual device firmware is now region independent (and the python tool can set the region), but with a limited UI on the device no good way to let the user initially assign their radio region.

Definitely! It’s just that some more onboard diagnostic tools could be useful as well. Think about having your phone paired to a device but wanting to quickly check some other devices.

That would be splendid! Can’t wait.

In my opinion it would be perfectly fine to do the initial configuration of a node in the app after pairing it the first time with the phone. Lora and Wifi could than be brought up after the initial configuration.

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