433 Mhz/Configuration for Canada?


I’m curious what you suggest for Ham-licensed users in Canada.

The Canada table of frequency allocations indicates that 433 MHz is suitable for Amateur use:

So it seems to me that it should be acceptable to use these devices under this provision if our callsign is configured and they are set to be unencrypted.

Do you agree with this?

What region setting do you suggest for users in this situation?

My understanding is the same as yours, that 433 Mhz can be used in Canada for Ham operators. 915Mhz for others. I’d actually be interested in knowing which frequency provides better results, longer range, stuff like that. I’ll take that one any day.

In both the US and Canada the use of 433Mhz by shippers make it pretty congested and generally not very usable if you are near a port,