$25 low power dev board with solar: Rak4600

Hi I posted this as a comment already, but think it deserves a thread.

The board is very low power compared to Esp32, affordable and includes 6v on-board solar charging.

I’ve ordered one and will try to get it working, but in the meantime does anyone have one to try/ start work on?

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This board is well suited as a fixed Meshtastic repeater.
GPS is not there, but it is not needed for this purpose.
One flaw in her. No version with a frequency of 433 MHz

In my country (UK) and much of Europe you are limited to 10mW on 433Mhz:

Whereas you can do 500mW on 869.4-869.65 MHz

In either case, you are also limited to a 10% duty cycle. I believe this is the same throughout Europe?

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These restrictions are only on paper.
Think for yourself. Who will track what power your transmitter is and how long your signal is transmitted?
The regulatory authorities, especially in rural areas, do not have the technical capacity and resources to monitor the implementation of this law.

Do you really think that due to the fact that the transmitter power will be twice as large, the police will come to you? And will collect evidence of this “serious” crime?

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Yes if you want to ignore the law that is certainly true.

My personal interest is in building large permanent installs and I’d need to be legal to do that. If you’re putting equipment on universities or council owned properly they want it legit.

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868 suits me, I look forward to following this

That looks like a great board. The existing nrf52dk target in meshtastic is almost exactly the same, so I bet adding it will not be too hard. I’m happy to help with questions.


Any tips on how to build for this board?