2 watt RF (33dBm) amplifier range test

Erm, not sure what you mean, I am not the one wanting to build an amplified setup? hence I was pointing out that there are other possibilities like you say, setups in a Ham Radio Licensed environments.
lol :slight_smile:

No, just agreeing with & expanding on your train of thought.

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Nothing wrong with that of course, although I am still a bit confused, maybe sitting behind my computer for 16 hours trying to make a technical drawing using a software package that I am still trying to master makes my mind a bit fuzzy and I interpreted things the wrong way lol :slight_smile:
Anyway I hope I did not offend anybody as this is not my intention at all, also I don’t want to sound as a “radio police” person, again sorry for any confusion caused, time for a good cup of strong coffee I guess :slight_smile:
And for those who are interesed, the test results I posted where achieved with a standard Pycom Lopy4 and Pytrack board with a standard omni directional stock antenna without amplifier or whatsoverer fitted against the front window of a car

If you want something that is reliable for an emergency, then you will need to test it regularly. A theoretical setup that is illegal to test and tune it worse than no solution at all in my estimation, because it’s almost guaranteed to let you down when you need it most.

I also think the assumption that no one else will need to be using this spectrum during an emergency is false, and you should be concerned about interfering with other devices, especially in an emergency.

What amplifier are you using. Is there a link to the device? I am interested in building a repeater.


I agree, some people freak out as soon someone mentions using some power. They need to take a chill pill.


Here is my post from another thread today regarding an amp I am testing: