1.2.11 with tbeam v1 and NEO-M8N red led constant on

Hello all,

I´ve another issue. No idea if caused by 1.2.11 or my 4 new boards. Acutally they should be identical to the 3 from the first aliexpress order. But the new one do have NEO-M8N and not like the old boards NEO-6M. And in addition the boards with M8N doesn´t have the IC right next to the small puffer battery cell in the right top corner of the pcb.

When powering the tbeams with M8N the red led is off and after a while it is solid on, which uses batterypower without benefit.

Any idea?

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There have been a lot of recent changes. Can you see if the problem persists if you update to the latest version?


I use the 1.2.11 beta as I wan‘t to build a productive mesh I don‘t use A newer alpha.

I think you have misunderstood this projects use of alpha and beta.

The 1.2.x branch was considered alpha until it was considered better and more stable than the 1.1.50 release. That did happen around 1.2.11 but some important fixes have been done since then. 1.2.17 is beta too, with several important and smaller fixes.

Please update to 1.2.17. I highly doubt anyone will take more time to help you without doing so. It just doesn’t make sense to troubleshoot something that may have already been fixed.

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Thanks for the explanation.
Updated to 1.2.17, but still the same issue with the led gps led.

Can you upload a picture of the new board? And if there is a version number on it let us know what it is?

It could be a revised board with different pins being used.

Here are some pictures of the new board I received last week from aliexpress:

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Sorry nobody has been able to help you.

In the first posted image I see:

On your other board does it say something different that that?

The M8M module may need a slight update to control the status led. I’m not much of a coder so I’m really just guessing.

Over all those leds use every little power. If you need something that last on battery a really long time esp32 devices are not the best options.

What does your serial output look like when it boots? Maybe someone will see some output by the module in the print out.

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my old boards from the first order (with NEO-6M) have the same writing “T22_V1.1 20191212”.
So the only difference is the GPS modul.

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Try to short-circuit the gps battery for a fraction of a second and put Meshtastic back into the device.
remember to remove the usb connection and the ttgo battery before touching the gps battery contacts with something metallic. Let me know after doing the procedure

““Probably the gps module will have generated errors in the backup memory due to the low voltage caused by the backup battery.
It will have been discharged to the point of creating internal vibrations in the backup memory.
For that the red led stays on without knowing what to do, because the internal processor of the gps module goes into Loop without knowing what to do obviously
It usually resolves with a short circuit of the backup battery”” :grin:

Taking the battery to ground briefly would be similar to removing the battery. This allows the Random Access Memery to forget everything. Doing it briefly will not generate enough heat to damage anything, but left continuously could result in the coincell gassing, or the paper clip heating up causing you to drop it :grin:

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