1.2.10 python tool - adds support for ham radio users

1.2.10 of the python tool is out. You can get it with “pip install --upgrade meshtastic”

I added a bit of ‘syntactic sugar’ to make it easier for ham radio users to set their ID and turn off encryption:

meshtastic --port /dev/ttyUSB1 --set-ham K12345
Connected to radio
Setting HAM ID to KI1345 and turning off encryption
Writing modified channels to device

Also to help windows users (which seems to not understand “” is the empty argument on the commandline), you can now say “–setchan psk none” to turn off encryption.

Also “–setchan psk random” will assign a new (high quality) random AES256 key to the primary channel.

Also “–setchan psk default” will restore the standard ‘default’ (minimally secure, because it is in the source code for anyone to read) AES128 key.


I am a licensed ham. Just to be sure. I can revert “set_ham” by calling e.g. “–setchan psk default” and assigning a new username. Right?

I would of thought so if that fails dw, just reflash!